Injustice deserves a voice in media, literature and politics. Let Me Breathe, speaks loud.

A 7-page E-book that shares the story of a young black, begging officers to let him breathe.

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They should, Earn Your Love.


Love is deep affection with deep effects. Through its complexity, love entails feelings of intense happiness, fulfillment, pain, and regret. In happiness, love comprise us with an intensity of positive energy. In fulfillment, love propel us to feel valuable. In pain, love humbles our body, mind and spirit. In regret, love teaches us vulnerability is the ultimate teacher of reality.


When people push you against the wall, push back.


To live right is an understatement of what it takes to stay above the borderline of life, and its challenges. When thou is challenged, emotionally or physically, one must push above the challenge.

To win is a definition that you create, through the vision you see for yourself.

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Measure Your Relationship

Sometimes, we’re in love with the wrong people in our most vulnerable times. There are ways to measure if your relationship is worth fighting for or not. Whether a person is worth the continued effort from you. In the end, one must make the best decision that gives them happiness in the long-term.

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