How to Achieve Your Goals

Step 1: Know What Your Goals Are

The SMART acronym is a process for setting goals, which were defined by Paul J. Meyer. Each letter in the process represents a characteristic. The “S” implies for you to set a specific (simple, significant, sensible) goal. 

​Example: To finish my biology essay before Friday. 

Step 2: Set Yourself a Deadline

There is always purpose in the goals that you set. Not only should your goals be specific, but meaningful and motivating. 

Example: To finish my biology essay before Friday, so I can complete my degree. 
The measure/deadline is “Friday”. 

Step 3: Set Goals that Are Realistic

It’s potent that your goals are attainable, to avoid any missteps. This means, don’t get ahead of yourself. Take one step at a time, and set new goals as you accomplish current goals.

Good example: I want to jog every Monday at 6 pm. 
Bad example: I want to get better at communicating. 

Step 4: Evaluate

This step can be confused with ensuring that your goals are achievable, but it’s not related. Ensuring that your goals are relevant means that it fits your current needs. 

Bad example: To be the Director of Operations at my employer. 
Good example: To complete operation management training in three months. 

Remember, stay in the moment. Goals are steps that help you get to the place that you want to be. Simply put, you cannot become President, if you don’t win elections. The goal would be to win elections, so that you can become President. However, good luck in achieving your goals. I know you can do it. 

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