Learn Your Sexuality

A. Sexuality is Confusing

Being sexually confused can be frustrating, but you aren’t alone. At this point in your life, you want answers to explain your sexual feelings. These feelings could be for men, women, or both (which may be confusing to you). Although you are confused, do not think that these feelings are wrong. Simply, you are enticed by what you like– regardless of what other people think. ​

B. Your Mental Feelings Matter

In the blank space below circle (or write on paper) which of the following statements you agree with: 

(A) Athletic bodies are sexy.                                       
(B) Slim/petite bodies are hot. 
(C) I like to be submissive. 
(D) I am aggressive/like to be in control. 
(E) Man on man porn turns me on. 
(F) I like seeing pictures of females. 

C. Like It or Not, Sexuality Has Labels

Your mind details what you think about things, which in response can explain your feelings. At this moment, we’re about to understand your answers from section B.

  • If you circled letters B, D, and F this means you are mainly attracted to females. This is often referred to as being heterosexual (or straight). You prefer females, because you are appealed to be in control and the protector.  This is labeled as Heterosexual.
  • If you circled letters A, C, and E this means you are mainly attracted to males. Considered as being homosexual (or gay), masculine traits entice you. In certain situations, you may like feminine men, depending on your preference to be in control (or not).  This is labeled as homosexuality.
  • If you circle more than four of the six statements, you are bi-sexual. Not only does masculinity attract you, but feminism turns you on. Usually, in this case, you are attracted to one gender more than the other. However, if you are addicted to sex, this is evident of your appeal to both genders. ​This is labeled as bisexuality, in which is more common than society accepts.
D. Your Happiness > Labels

Labels in our society often times cause us to be confused and hateful towards ourselves. This shouldn’t be, because it’s wrong and unfair. We’re all different through ideas, race, gender, and such. More so, what we individually prefer sexually is just another example of diversity. Be proud of your sexual desires, without worrying about labels. 

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