Take America Back, Corona is Real, Upgrade Your Playlist

This post covers the political consequences of electing Donald Trump as President of the US, how serious the Coronavirus is, and how new music is connecting us while we quarantine.

Take America Back (From Trump)

Elected in 2016 as U.S President, Donald Trump has caused headaches for the people that voted for him. Arrogant in personality, Trump has failed his own political party with his atrocious response to the Black Lives Movement, Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Russia. It seems that the President hasn’t realized he’s no longer on a reality show; as thousands of lives have been lost due to his aggressive tactics against protestors, lack of leadership to ensure there is a vaccination for COVID-19, and weakness in his relations with Russia. To the people who voted for “Take America Back”, you actually did take America back to some of its worst times of racial tensions and economic hardship. Our nation progressed under Obama, that’s the America we need back.

Coronavirus is Real

As of today’s statistics , there are over 159,000 deaths in the United States and 701,000 deaths Worldwide. So, not only is the Coronavirus novel, it’s the real deal that you don’t want to be infected with. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is an infectious virus that attacks your lungs and has been known to hospitalize people with pre-existing conditions. At first, the virus only seemed to infect elderly people, but now the virus is sickening everyone it touches. As a survivor of mild coronavirus, I can attest that this virus is real and infectious. It’s not a virus that you want to fight, especially not alone. In urgency, wear your mask and take all precautions.

Upgrade Your Playlist

During times like this, new music is a blessing to our ears. From new albums from the likes of City Girls (City on Lock) and Taylor Swift (Folklore), it’s time to upgrade our playlist. Stay updated for upcoming albums by your favorite artists on Billboard. After all, we’re in this quarantine together by sharing love, support and music!

Written by Keandre’ Curry, Author.

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