Consistency is only possible when you put your mind into being so. Are you ready?

A. Put your mind to it.

Consistency is like building a habit. Usually, when we build habits its because that’s what we’ve trained ourselves to do, repeatedly. So simply, if you want to be more consistent in life, put your mind to do it. There’s no one that can teach you to be consistent, other than yourself. 

Start with consistency, finish with consistency. 

B. Understand consistency.

Consistency not only helps you trust yourself, but trust from others too. Others will feel that you’re responsible and reliable. Challenge yourself to grow by increasing your consistency–in personal and professional aspects. Arrive early to work. Iron your clothes the day prior to work. Carry consistent conversations with your partner, friends and others. Consistency is only difficult when you’re not dedicated to being so. Now, is your time to change that.

C. Find what works for you.

Your life may be plain simple, or chaotic and busy (like mine) but there is one method that can work for anyone: Make a schedule. This may seem robotic, but it’s not. Put your schedule on paper and start implementing the schedule into your life. You can adjust your schedule as your day goes on. Then eventually, the schedule will become natural to you!

Even if making a schedule isn’t for you, find what does work for you. Our lives vary, so do what can best help you be consistent.

D. Stay motivated.

Being consistent has its challenges, yet its possible for you to achieve. Just imagine what more you can have by being consistent. It’s worth the sweat and tears, just get it done.

“I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows.”  – Drew Barrymore

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