Discover Your Faith

Faith for some people, is a debate. In reality, it shouldn’t be. Faith should be about individual preference of how they intend to live their life. Their faith, however, shouldn’t be expected upon others.

Understand what Faith is

When the word ‘Faith’ comes up, the strong belief in God comes to mind. More so, faith can be the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. With faith, you’re entrusting in a spiritual feeling that the end result will be in your favor. 

Have faith, others will too. 

Be Firm About Your Faith

Your faith is what you believe in and it signifies what you value. Although, there will be people of various faith who don’t understand your views, hold firm in what you value. More so, hold firm onto your belief in the faith you practice and praise.

Care to Share

Awareness is what creates knowledge. Sharing and promoting your faith are two different processes, so try not to overwhelm your faith onto other people. Talk to them of why you believe in what you do. Usually, the end result is that you helped opened their eyes to new perspective. 

Be Open-minded

It’s easy to become complacent in your beliefs, but don’t forget to evolve for the best of interest. Sometimes, what you believe in is discriminative, unrealistic, or even biased. Rule of thumb is: If it hurts, it’s not right. In short this means, let your beliefs excel rather than hinder you. As life is unexpected at times, it’s okay to understand and adjust to new ways of thinking and action (beyond your faith).

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