Find, then Use Your Strengths

Find, then use your strengths to reach your highest potential in your life. You are most competitive, when you are playing from your own hand.

Find Your Strength

You may be asking what does, “Find your strength” mean… well it’s complicated (I’m kidding!). Find your strength means to find your competitive edge. Find what you do better than anyone else. Find what makes you unique than others. It could be your multiple degrees, your vision, your choreography, your wisdom–or whatever it may be! In purpose, use your talents to level up in life. Don’t complain about how life is now, because you have the talents to excel in life. You have the talent to win more in life. You have the strength to be you.

Network with Others

Networking can be intimating to some, because of the fear of denial. In which is understandable to a degree, but let’s not make any excuses. Denial will be associated with our life in some portion, so let’s not run from not having our way. Use people’s (fair) criticism of you to improve your craft. When we network, we learn new ideas and perceptions. More so, we learn how close we are to reaching our dreams. Although, networking is core to growing fans, don’t count on people who aren’t supportive. Promote your brand to people who believe in what you’re doing– I had to learn this, because negativity is just another distraction. Stay focused on your brand, through the support of supporting people.

Use Your Strengths

You know your strength better than I, or anyone else does. What I can guide you to do, is implement your strengths into everything you do. For example: 

  • List all of your accomplishments, events, awards, into a timeline or resume. 
  • Promote your strengths/talents on social media networks. 
  • Inspire people by touching them through your talents.
  • Use your strengths to find your destiny.
Don’t Give Up

Your unparalleled success is important to me. I want you to achieve all of your goals and dreams, and for you to be great. Success isn’t always about numbers, but how you perceive your own success. In truth, you are unique and must not hide from being so. Embrace the strengths that you have and be happy while doing it. Sometimes, you will be confused or trapped in one place. That’s frustrating to not be making in progress in life, but remember there are levels to success. Continue to push and your strengths will place you into the spotlight. 

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