How to Overcome Doubts

Overcoming doubt is key to making tough decisions and having confidence in those decisions.

Doubts Are Normal

To doubt is to be concerned about the status or outcome of a situation. Currently, you may be having concerns about your friendship or relationship, or the stability of your health. Also, it could be something else, like your job or overcoming legal battles. Even said, regardless if it’s big or small, let’s identify and resolve doubts that you have in your situation. 

Nothing is Easy

Talk with a friend or write on a piece of paper what you’re doubtful about and why.  Also write solutions to any challenges you may come across, so you’ll be ready for the worst case scenarios.

Example: I’m doubtful that I can lose weight, because of my genetics. I can overcome this by changing my diet to vegan.

Recollect and Recover

Before the resolve for your doubt can be apprehended, let’s consider how long this doubt has bothered you. If this doubt occurred: 

  • Recently: Pinpoint the situation that put you in this predicament. Is there something that you can do to fix the situation? Are you able to commit to change for the better of this situation? 
  • Over 1 year: Pinpoint the reason(s) that allowed you to let the doubt continue for so long. Did you put in effort? Did your effort work? Are you afraid to lose your life or foundation? 

Now, think: are the reasons you pinpointed worth any doubt? Most likely they are. There is reasoning beyond doubt, in which you should not ignore. Emotionally, ending relationships/marriages, friendships, business ventures, or other situations that you put effort into is difficult. However, you must not allow hope to mislead you. Recollect on the pros and cons of the situation, if you don’t see yourself recovering from the situation, that’s a sign its time to put an end to it now. This is true because when you are in a good situation, it’s a no-brainer to stay put.

Put Your Solutions in Actions

The resolve for your situation may differ from others, however based on the above advice consider what works best for you.

 Empower your best effort; or 

  • Life isn’t perfect, neither are people. Thus, if your belief overpowers your doubts, put your best efforts into the situation. This is the best choice to make, when you know you can give better effort than before. Sometimes, situations we’re in aren’t working because we aren’t giving our wholeness. As a result, our situation is on ropes, because we aren’t pulling our end. Level up and do what you should be doing.

End it for the better 

  • You’ve given your best effort into the situation, but there is no signs of positive, or consistent progress? Then, end it for the better. Emotionally, this is a tough choice to make, but long-term it will make sense. Just because you give up, doesn’t mean you’re wrong for it. As, some situations will destroy us the longer we entertain them.

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