Measure Your Relationship

Sometimes, we’re in love with the wrong people in our most vulnerable times. There are ways to measure if your relationship is worth fighting for or not. Whether a person is worth the continued effort from you. In the end, one must make the best decision that gives them happiness in the long-term.

Measure Your Relationship

At this point, your relationship is at ropes ends. Whether you’re in an draining marriage, or newly acquired relationship; when the love is lost it’s challenging to recover from the pain that this frustrating time has caused. However, all may not be lost. 

Fight for each other, with each other. 

Identify the Problems

Identifying the problem(s) within your relationship isn’t the same as identifying who is the problem. Sit down with your partner, or a professional or confidant and pinpoint the aches that’s causing the separation and tension. 

Individually, the imperfections of one is what truly attracts one another. Embrace each other, work with each other, build together. 

Identify the Solutions

Now that the problem(s) have been pinpointed, what changes will be made by you? By your partner? More so, how will you and your partner isolate outside factors from your relationship? Simply, everyone in the relationship is responsible to fulfill their part. Just like when the relationship started, you both need to once again be ALL IN. If not, agree to be friends or move forward without each other. 

Make a Decision

When two partners are all in for each other, any relationship (regardless of how damage it is) can be fixed. Therefore, its prudent that you learn from each person that you date; the good and the bad. Individually, we aren’t perfect and many times when we date people they show us we aren’t. Learning from our flaws, helps us appropriately build caution about our internal self. Given said, sometimes we meet people that show us we deserve better. So, if nothing less, learn from this relationship so the next one can possibly excel. Prior to reading this article, you likely have already made a decision. It’s for the best.

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