Why Honesty is Key

The rule of thumb: Honesty is key. Honesty is about being true to oneself and with others, to alleviate any means of misunderstanding or deception. Regardless, of personal opinion, the truth always matter.

It’s Best to Know

Honesty is key, in relationships you have with others and yourself. Honesty requires not only communication, but some form of understanding. To understand that honesty is key, it’s important to realize how truth makes you feel. Even though honesty is hurtful at times, it’s not always intentionally harmful. It’s better to know, than be in a fairy-tale forever. 

Be real with yourself, so you’re able to be real with others. 

Causing Chaos

It could be deceiving if I didn’t mention that honesty creates chaos. As, not everyone handles the truth (cordially). This could be because we share the truth in nonchalant and rude ways? We fail to timely be truthful with others? We hold the truth until we’re forced to be honest? So, in simple terms, be selfless with your honesty. Treat others how you want to be treated. Be honest, in a respectful way, from the beginning with people (and yourself).

Avoiding Chaos

Being honest can sometimes be scary, because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Some ways to start honest talks could be: 

  • Hey, I really respect you and want to be honest about…. 
  • I feel you should know…. 
  • To build your trust, we should talk about this… 

Those are just some ideas, but remember to use the right words. The truth is what it is, so no excuses are necessary. However, be genuine to understanding that honesty could force people to not associate with you anymore–which is there right not to. Sometimes, people are better off without you or vice versa.

Honesty is Key

Honesty is beneficial , especially in the long-term. The core of honesty is being so from the beginning. There will be times that a “good lie” is prompted, but don’t get in the habit of misleading people–or yourself. The reality is one should always be truthful. Life is easier when we know what is in front of us. Honesty is easier to accept when it’s the standard of your communication from day one. Personally, if you’re always honest with me, I would always expect nothing less of you. 

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