Follow Your Destiny

You have a destined path, it’s up to you to follow it.

From birth, destiny is determined for us. Every moment of our life is either a step in the direction of our journey or the opposite. It’s spiritually empowering to know that the steps that we took today means more than ourselves. As, we are working towards the mission of a purpose greater than ourselves; greater than our egos, greed, and material things. Regardless, of our faith if any, we must answer to our destiny. We must follow the path that lead in the right direction. In which, prevents us from feeling lost in a world of chaos and evil. Also, in which omits the internal need to feel affirmation from pointless components of life. This means, that when we follow the path of ourselves, all cylinders of our life are aligned. All aspects of ourselves feel complete, so there’s no fear of what’s next for us.  There’s no fear of our last day. There’s no scare, that we aren’t prepared for. This lack of fear, is the comfort that God empowers us to have when we follow our destiny. When we follow the path of purpose. This is all possible, because from birth we are brought into life to follow our destined path. The choice that we have to follow it, started from birth and continues today. 

In light, following our destined path isn’t always consistent as it should be. The spiritual power above us understands that we don’t know everything. This includes to know what our purpose is or how long we have to fulfill our purpose. However, what is granted to us are intuitions of what’s going on around us. These intuitions aren’t just visually, but through our other senses and instinct. Usually, when we see in our eyes that someone is betraying us, the intuition is true. How we react to that intuition determines whether we become distracted by our wants, rather than our needs. In context, intuition is supposed to be our defense against self pain and destruction. Often times, we are often inflicted with self pain when we keep negative components in our lives. This includes negative people; who only pertain in our lives to benefit from us. To benefit from our heart, our enlightening energy, and our destined path. Although, we are often safeguards for others who seek our energy, affirm they intend to help build you rather than destroy you. 

As, self-destruction begins with the wrong choices, wrong people, and wrong path that we follow. 

More so, it’s key to stay aligned with our own energy. The more aligned we are to ourselves, the closer we stay on path to fulfill our purpose. The closer we are to ourselves, the further we’re away from the wrong path. Truthfully, the path destined for us isn’t always apparent. As a result we will make mistakes, ruin bridges, and fall off course. Personally, it’s justified to be imperfect in our journey to discover who we are and where we’re meant to go in life. One’s time in life may be shorter, or longer than others, but regardless all purposes master the same level. Regardless if one’s purpose is to give life for another, or to be a messenger of God, his purpose for us will sustain great honor. In belief, the capacity of our life is only honored when we follow our destiny. Please understand, there is no handbook that provide directions to where we should go. However, there are senses that offer us promise to discover the truth; to answer our own questions. Surely, our life will unfold in imperfect ways in pursuit of our destined path.  During these imperfect times, we will feel lost, unloved, and discouraged–but we’re never alone (unless we allow ourselves to be so). 

Even one shoulder to lean on is better than none at all. 

From birth, we enter the atmosphere with a spirit. This spirit guides us through the first fight to our destined paths. From there, we must use the senses we’re empowered with to connect with our place. As, this place we’re connecting with entails the best that we are; Not as people, but as souls. Although, we will be tested through trials, we must not settle for a verdict against us. We must be our best selves for all things to prosper in our favor.  Mistakes are expected, but they aren’t who we’re meant to be. Pain is expected, but that’s not who we’re meant to live by. Loss is expected, but it’s not meant to break us before strengthening us.

This says, that following the path destined for you is the soul you’re supposed to possess. 

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