Self Help Tips for 2021

As you start your new journey, in this new year, challenge yourself to do things differently. Here’s a few tips from Author Keandre’ to help jumpstart your year!

Bend, but Don’t Break

Living through an pandemic is uncomfortable because there’s uncertainty in the economy. There’s investments to worry about, debt that’s growing, and income that’s declining. This will bend your strength, but don’t break. When you fall, stand back up. You only break when you give up.

Love Hard

There’s some residue from 2020, so expect some pains from this. People around us, including our partners, need the greatest love that we can give to them. In times like an pandemic, unity and love is a sweet counter to the frustration, disappointments and loss you may experience in this new year. Simply, love hard in the good times, and even harder in the tough times.

Speak It Into Existence

Speak what you want into existence. Work hard and keep focused on what you pray for. It’s essential that your faith is as strong as your work ethic; combined they will bring what you speak into existence.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

Don’t be a fool and keep making the same mistakes repeatedly. In the past, you did things how you wanted to. Fact is, life has its own way that you must learn and follow. In the past, you may have tried to cut corners to get what you wanted…. It worked at that time, but now it’s catching up to you. Just like an lie, it’s hard to keep lying. With life, it gets harder, if you keep making the same mistakes.

Make Bold Decisions

Your boldest decision, could become your best decision. Do things differently and hopefully, in due time, you’ll see different (yet, better) results.

Be Inclusive

At first, I labeled the heading “Grow Tolerance”, but I changed it because I felt it was insulative to diversity. There is no time greater than now to be inclusive to all people, particularly LGBTQ people. You live as you desire, so they should too. You love who you love, they can too. You want happiness, they deserve it too. LGBTQ people are no different, worse, or better than you or I.

Happy New Year – Keandre’ Curry

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