Yes, imperfections are what make you perfect. It’s also true that they’re several benefits and reasons why you really need to think better.


Understanding the principles of life are essential to think better in your life. It’s important to know that there are components, that will transpire in life, that are out of your control. You can try your best to avoid mishaps, but some things are destined to occur. Honestly, the fact of this sucks, really badly. You really need to think better, so you’re not punishing yourself with stress. Make the best decisions that you can. Be the best person that you can be. Give your best efforts in all that you do, so in the end, you’ll be less stress. This is to say, you can only control what is within your scope.


Disappointments usually cause a rollercoaster of feelings: Anger, depression, regret, and/or humiliation. Not having your expectations met is a tough pill to swallow, yet it’s a great teacher of why you really need to think better. It’s okay to be rejected; Everyone has their own preferences. It’s okay to be single, sometimes; Everyone doesn’t deserve someone like you. It’s okay to not get hired for that position you applied to; Everyone will not see your potential. To be less disappointed, means to be prepared for different outcomes. It means to always be two steps ahead, so you always have a path to success.


Although, life throws fireballs at you sometimes, be more optimistic. You really need to think better so that you can start recognizing, and appreciating the blessings in your life. You easily cry and complain, when things aren’t going right. Yet, you fail to cheer and celebrate, when things are going right. This says that you are always thinking negative. Also, this says that you have low expectations for goodness in your life. Be real about it: life could be worse; It’s fundamental to be gracious that life isn’t worse. To be more optimistic, means to give yourself a chance at happiness. Just like you’re imperfect, so is life, and other people.


You really need to think better, so that you’re inclusive to all ideas, people, and lifestyles. When you think differently, you think better. This is proven to be true, as a limited mind will only restrain you from growth. If you think better, you won’t be so judgmental. If you think better, you will take losses as lessons. If you think better, you could find the greatest love. In all, if you think better, life can transform into possibilities far beyond your aspirations.

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