The novel pandemic has changed lives in countless ways. For men, in particular, dating has created unforeseen waters. A group of men was surveyed about how they’ve been coping with dating during COVID-19 and what are some challenges they’ve faced. Commonly, the same points came up.

Men & Dating During a Pandemic

Men and women have handled the pandemic differently, but it’s one thing is clear: Men are trying their best to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic, and also fulfill their desires. Based from a few responses to this post, men are shaking their head.

Women Don’t Want to Meetup

Some men are saying that woman are using the pandemic as an excuse not to meetup. According to Brandshawn from Orlando, he says that “I get that this pandemic situation is scary but man it’s like females barely want to meet up.” Although, some men like a little challenge, women not wanting to meetup is humbling, yet frustrating.

Virtual Dates are Boring

It appears that some men prefer in-person dates, as virtual dates aren’t giving them life. According to Tim from New York, “I’m old schooled, so this facetime all the time thing isn’t wassup.” If one thing is clear, facetime doesn’t always give the visual or vibe that most men want to see.

Catfish are on the Rise

Catfish have always been an concern when meeting people from online apps, but according to some men catfish are on the rise, “Man people are so desperate now more than ever. I’ve been catfish so many times, I won’t meetup with oh girl unless she video chat with me first. No games played,” said Jeremiah from Montgomery.

Stress is Greater

Although, in some jurisdictions COVID-19 restrictions have soften, some men are saying that the pandemic has caused them to be more stressed and horny. According to Scott from Illinois, “I’m unemployed, so I’m bored out of my mind. If I’m not applying for jobs, I’m frustrated at the situation I’m in. That brings on my desire for constant sex. Like, I have to have it.” I’m sure there are many men in Scott’s situation, as times are uncomfortable and tight right now.

Loneliness is Real

Just imagine being single, having no transportation, or access to other people… it sounds quite lonely. “I have nobody. This pandemic has made my lonely life, more lonely. I’m desperate to just be in someone’s presence,” stated Andre from Houston.

Porn is Played Out

If you’re a porn star, you’ve probably seen your content skyrocket during the pandemic. It’s because men and women alike have had to rely on porn, “Being a single man, I do like casual hookups. But linking up is stingy than usual, so I’ve been stuck with twitter porn. It was cool for a month, but now I’m craving the real thing,” said Isiah from Atlanta.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Although, all the responses could not be included in this post, they were all notable. How has the pandemic affected dating for you? Share via <a href="">@keandrecurry</a&gt;Although, all the responses could not be included in this post, they were all notable. How has the pandemic affected dating for you? Share via @keandrecurry

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