It’s okay to admit it: Ungrateful people make your blood boils, because you give so much of your time and resources to them; only to get slapped in the face with arrogance. This is understandable as giving entails a kindness that doesn’t require recognition in return, but a powerful influence to help other people. Truth is, the best help people can be given is from themselves.

How to Deal with Ungrateful People

Stop Giving

Giving isn’t a favor, it’s an act of kindness. People that are ungrateful, likely don’t understand this so they take you for granted. At some point, you have to put your foot down and stop giving to them. This is easier said than done, but you can’t keep being unappreciated for all that you do. No, it’s not about you receiving credit for your acts of kindness, but it is about being appreciated. People that are ungrateful will soak you dry of your resources, while leaving you baffled. Continue to give in kindness, but only to people that are gracious of your kindness. You are valuable to them, and they need to see it sooner than later.

Be Ungrateful, Too.

Up until this point, you’ve been appreciative of all that this person does for you (if anything). Even if they don’t do anything for you, you don’t complain about it. Sometimes, it’s best to give people a taste of their own ungraciousness by being so yourself. Start to demand more from them. Start complaining about how you’re unhappy, how they don’t help you enough, how they don’t sexually please you enough. The typical reaction normally is, “I’m giving you all my all,” or “I’m not perfect!”

However, perfection isn’t the point, it’s really about valuing people that care for us. In life, sometimes we tend to take great people and things for granted. We can do better in showing appreciation for the people, whom has shown they will give us their last penny.

Back Off Some

Although, ignorance isn’t the ideal method to dealing with ungrateful people, it’s effective. This is said, because when ungrateful people realize that they need you, it humbles them. Without you, what would they have? Without you watching over their back, who would? The answers all align with the fact that they need you. Ignore ungrateful people when they reach out to you for help… or make up excuses of why you cannot help them. This is key, as sometimes you have to put ungrateful people in a corner; let them figure things out on their own. It’s easy for people to become dependable on you, so maybe you should back off some.

You’ve been there every-time, but for once, let them be there for themselves.

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