Friends are there for you, so you should be there for them too. To be a supportive friend means that you’re always there for good advice, comfort, and encouragement.

Tips to Be a Supportive Friend

Support their Success

Your friend just received some great news in their life; New job or promotion, engagement, or tires on their car. Practically, anything positive going on in your friend’s life, you should support it. Life may be challenging for your friend and the least you could do it, is to be there to show support and motivation. Some friends have no family, just themselves and you. Therefore, your excitement for any success they have is potent to ensuring they know you care. If you don’t care, then maybe you aren’t their friend.

Be Their Pillow

As weird as being your friend’s pillow sounds, it’s part of friendship: To be a shoulder for when a tear, or three is needed. For your friend, life may not be as perfect as yours, so be there. Although, you may have to shower or change shirts afterwards, the true power of your comfort during difficult times means more than words. Think about a time when you were hurt… Think about a time where you had no one to cry on and comfort you… Think about feeling unwanted, undeserving, or unappreciated.

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