Love is natural, therefore it’s doubtful that love can be taught. The matter of love, is a matter of will.

Can Love Be Taught?

Love, is in a category of its own. There aren’t many aspects, or components in life that’s more appealing than love. From the feeling of being wanted, to the feel of being truly valued, love is like no other feeling that we adore. Love is adored, when love has embraced the best and worst of us. Comes love, comes great memories and forever lasting lessons; Which teaches us what love is, and what love is not. This is said, as love isn’t always perfect, nor always the most comfortable feeling. Usually, this is so because not everyone knows how to love. Not everyone understands love or want to embrace love. So why is this, one must ask?

In truth, people who don’t understand love had misfortunes with it before. They once thought they loved someone, only to get shown it was just lust. Therefore, this may cause one to speculate how lust can portray to be love, so effectively. It’s clear, however, that lust is not love and love is not lust. When we confuse the two components, we lose the true value of both lust and love. Lust is sexual compassion, nothing more. Contrary, love is unconditional care and everything more. Greatly, love is within, and can come from afar. Unfortunately, when one has never been truly love, they will always look at love in dark perspective. To see the light of love, one must begin to love themselves; It’s the greatest path to discover, embrace, and understand love. When we love ourselves, we’re then capable to be loved, and to love others.

More so, to embrace love begins with understanding true love. To embrace means that you’ve found happiness within yourself, to be able to understand what such love feels like. Impractically, love cannot be impartial, because it’s depth is greater than just moral principles. This is to say that, when true love is shown to you, it’s not a gesture to teach you how to love. When your mother kissed you on the forehead, it was from a place of kindness and care. When your lover brought you flowers at work, it was from a place of appreciation and compassion. When your child ran up to you and snuggled your leg, it was from a place of comfort and happiness. Truth is, when people care for you, it will show in their effortless, yet warming actions.

Love cannot be taught, because love is the will of the heart and soul.

Perceptively, if love could be taught, then we all fail at valuing the purpose and power of such. There is no handbook of how love has to be shown, or given, because it’s from the heart. When good intentions is the purpose, the heart will act in good intent. It’s true, the heart speaks through its action. The heart doesn’t need an handbook, because it’s purpose is already written; To unconditionally care.

Teaching anyone to care, is just as teaching a dog not to bark. If a dog wants to bark, it will bark. If the care is there, it will show. If the desire to love is there, it will prevail.

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