Thinking back, you felt betrayed, embarrassed, and hurt. Although, the past may have caused immeasurable pain to you, it’s possible to trust again.

How to Trust Again

How to trust again, begins with healing your mind and soul. In the past, you may have dealt with toxic people and situations, that has placed fear upon you. Fear to trust anyone again, or to even give anyone else a chance. This is understandable, as it hurts when we are betrayed. When we are loyal to people, but they aren’t loyal to us. It hurts even more, when you realize you aren’t deserving of the truth. This just shows that people will lie, until they die; Even when you have proven what you’ve seen. Regrettably, the past cannot be taken back; It’s important to move on to the next level of life. Whether this next level is with someone else, or just for internal peace, staying in the past is not an option. To heal, means you’ve forgiven the tortfeasors of your pain.

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