Rightfully so, forgiveness is not easily given. It takes times to forgive, as it’s difficult to forget the pain and suffering your actions have caused. If you want to make things right, there may be some things that you can do.

What to Do When Someone Won’t Forgive You

Before anything, it’s key to understand that forgiveness is a process. The road to being forgiven for your actions, may be quicker for some than others. As, sometimes people need time to themselves to reflect and release their emotions. Usually, people have to forgive themselves, before they forgive you. They feel some responsibility for having expectations of you. They feel that you would prove them wrong, only to prove them right — you were a loser. At least the truth is out, you don’t deserve a winner.

First, apologize for your wrongdoing and continue to apologize. Sometimes, people need to feel that you meant what you said. They want to feel that you sincerely apologize; Therefore, your apology cannot be humdrum. It must be genuine and honest, or else you’re road to forgiveness will elongated for miles ahead. If you feel that you’re chasing the person that you hurt, you should feel such way — This all started from your infidelity, stubbornness, arrogance and dishonesty. It’s not about being a man or woman, it’s essentially about anchoring your mistakes. When you’ve burnt the bridge with someone, do what essentials to ensure the situation becomes unerring.

More so, after your genuine apology, it’s time to show them your untold support. Unlike before, be there even when they didn’t ask you to be. Although, this person may always seem like they’re mad at you (which they likely are), your support will always be of precedence. You may a grin on their face, but internally their smiling from ear-to-ear. The madness and the grin, sometimes is just sadness they’re trying to stow away. The more that you show your support, the sooner the smile will arise again The more consistent you are, the lesser time it will take for the person you let you back in. Respectfully, be patient and understand forgiveness will not be on your time. In the worse case scenario, you may never be forgiven; Yet, you should always have the will to fight for great people and things.

In all, it’s a tough situation to be in when someone won’t forgive you. Even if you follow all the best advice, your forgiveness may not be due at this time. This does not mean that you’ll never be forgiven, but it does mean that you will have plentiful time to reflect on how you can become a better You. Reflect on some ways that you can prevent from hurting anyone else. Reflect on how you can be better at keeping your relationship is good standing order. Mistakes, happen, but progression must follow.

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