It’s 2021, but people are still coming out to their friends, families and fans. This is where the argument comes into this: Should ‘coming out’ still be a thing in today’s time?

Opinion: ‘Coming Out’ Shouldn’t Matter?

To be straight-forward, coming out shouldn’t matter.

Equality rights for LGBTQ people is more essential now, than anytime before. As, the colored people around the world fight to dismantle systematic racism, equality is of precedence. Transwoman desire to be more than just lust to downlow men, as they too are deserving of love and affection. Gay men desire to be more than just a punk, as they too have muscles and inches between their legs. The status quo, that LGBTQ people are weak and that lifeless is their worth, is bigoted — all people matter.

Not jus the Caucasian people, but the colored people too.

Not just the men, but the women people too.

Not just the wealthy people, but the poor people too.

Given said, coming out shouldn’t matter because all this does is maintain disparities for LGBTQ people. When someone comes out, or get outed, they fear being rejected from everyone. They fear they will become friendless. They fear the disgusting phrases people will call them. All of this fear is unjust, as love is love. As sex is just sex. We all have admiration for love. We all have admiration for sex. So there’s no justification for why labels matter. As, the dark will bring to light that we all have similar interest, in some amplitude or another. Eventually, what’s done in the dark will always come to light. So, it’s unjust to be a hypocrite of oneself.

Perceptively, The ancient Greeks believed that men were drawn by beauty, which could be both with a boy or a girl. Although, this was true, it had no disregard that men were expected to provide for his wife and kids. Many conquerors and heroes in ancient Greek, maintained both wives and male lovers in public. Anciently, there was no divide or discrimination against such affairs, unlike in today’s time. This emphasizes that society has become a deviant of its own lifestyle. History shows that women were inclusive to their husbands, as it had no deterrence on their man’s ability to provide. In today’s generation, there’s subtle acceptance for men who are bisexual, if you will. Women grasp that any man who entangles with another man is weaker, or incapable, than a man that doesn’t. Truthfully, most women don’t even know their man (boyfriend or husband) is bisexual — A man is a man.

Depending on one’s faith, homosexuality may never be approved of; Which suffocates many LGBTQ people to remain closeted. As evident, in this Georgia story where a church in Kennesaw was removed from the Southern Baptist Convention for accepting a gay couple and their three adopted kids — back in 2019. If faith is what it’s set out to be, the acceptance of all people matters. If faith is to better a person individually, that begins with Pastors — Preaching from a unbiased frame of mind. So, coming out could mean that your church loses its “membership” or worse — that’s pathetic.

Again, coming out shouldn’t matter; Yet, society makes it matter — That’s the problem at hand. Agree or not, we all deserve to be who we are, from the jump.


  1. Agreed. I’m gay but I don’t feel the need to come out, especially given that I’m from Texas and lots of my family and friends would not approve. I have a boyfriend of 1 year but we live in Boston and I just don’t talk about it much with Texas friends n fam ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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