Feeling guilty when your bae pays all the bills, isn’t uncommon. Yet, the only feeling of guilt should come from when you’re effortless to help your partner.


You’re not alone, in feeling guilty when your bae pays all the bills.

As, finances can sometime cause friction into a relationship, bills do matter. The saying that two incomes are better than one, still holds true. It holds true, even if you are not making equivalent to your bae’s income — all help matters. If one thing is true, is that your bae will appreciate any financial help that you can provide. Whether it’s buying the groceries, house supplies, furniture, or even paying for clothes for the kids. The last thing that you will sought to do, is not help with anything. It’s clear enough, in your relationship that bae is the breadwinner — but always do your part too. This is to said to emphasize that when you feel guilty, it’s likely because you aren’t contributing as you could. You feel guilty because you’ve been lazy and complacent with your bae providing you with everything and more; It’s unjust to lay all the bearing on your bae.

They deserve your best self.

They deserve your best efforts.

As, relationship are not single-sided; unless you make it be so. Place yourself in your bae’s position; It’s doubtful that you’ll be satisfied with seeing your partner give little effort to help out. Relationships require teamwork, especially to build a foundation of stability and prosperity. The more in sync that you and bae are, the more successful you’ll be as a couple. Consider, that just because you aren’t the breadwinner, doesn’t mean you’re a bad partner. This also doesn’t mean that your bae will send you packing soon (well, maybe). Your bae will not send you packing, unless you deserve to be sent on your way. This means you don’t care to sustain your bae’s hard work and contribute in the relationship. That’s right, it’s not about the finances, it’s about your effort to do what you can. Man, this is to true: When you have will, there’s always a way.

There’s always a way to help your bae, if you have the will to assert how.

Generally speaking, you may be one of those people that always want to be perfect. One of those people that don’t like to be second place, in your relationship. One of those people that always like to be in command; Thus you feel guilty because you’ve left yourself down. You shouldn’t feel this way, because the position you are in now will assure that you continue to grow. Use your bae’s success as a roadmap to your own success; Observe and learn from your bae. They are the leader and it’s perfectly okay for you to follow your bae’s lead; Yet, don’t get comfortable by being in their shadow.

Undoubtedly, your partner would want you to shine in your own spotlight.

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