In today’s society, body image can either be a bank roll or a bust.


An attractive body is another status quo in today’s society. From getting countless likes on your photos to increasing attention to your page, overall, an attractive body is the new soft porn. It’s like men with abs can upload a shirtless picture of their body daily, and build a fanbase increasingly fast. This is what it is — everybody likes the appearance of a nice, fit body. Although, a fit body appears to be the standard’s in today’s culture, it’s important to overcome your body image insecurity by taking action. To be honest, not having a fit body doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive, or is unhealthy. It could just mean, there may be a need for changes in your lifestyle. Changing your diet, possibly, or even commit to working out weekly.

I can feel the sighs, when I mentioned working out — That attitude must change. The first step is that you identified that you’re not satisfied with your body; Therefore it’s time to take action. It’s always easy to complain about aspects that we don’t like, it’s even harder to change an unwilling mindset to do what’s essential. You already know what’s essential to get your body to your own desire; Whether that may be 6-pack abs or simply to tighten up your weight into muscle. Its your body and you set your own standard of what you want your body to be. Disregard the studs that you see on Instagram, because that’s the problem: You’re comparing yourself, unjustifiably. In truth, you may not even be as attractive looking like you’re about to explode. Maybe just a tone-up is all that you need?

Again, it’s your body and you set your own standard of what you want your body to be.

So, realistically, overcoming your body insecurity is like discovering a physically, better version of yourself. To feel better, you had to do activities that make you happy. To look better, if you will, entails you to do make healthy decisions. From your eating habits, sleeping patterns, to your workout schedule — It’s key to whether you’re able to meet your own goals to overcome your body insecurity. Put in the work, to achieve the results that you desire; This can begin today. Think of it like this: More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin.

Have the will to win and achieve the body that will give you confidence; The body that will lower your insecurity and boosts your self-esteem.

Importantly, have the courage to do what needs to be done. In the end, it’s the courage that will help you overcome your body insecurity.


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