Alcohol, is a depressant, but then it’s not a depressant when you’re facing a stressful life. However, there is a thing as consuming too much alcohol. Learn how to cut back on alcohol use.


Honestly, who doesn’t love an well-thrown party!? It’s a great outlet to your personal problems and also an excellent time to connect with old and new friends. Yet, sometimes you may want to see your friends too much. This could prompt you to always desire to party, as well. The problem with this, is that you’re partying to run from a problem, only to be creating another problem – alcoholism. Although, you may drink while you’re home too, the amount of consumption at parties is extensively higher. It can be lonely at times, but staying at home will help you cut back on alcohol use.


In general, exercise is beneficial to your physical and mental health. Exercise promotes your ability to release stress and anger, not to mention keep a toned body. Although, it’s easier to have a workout partner, your iTunes library will suffice too. Put your earbuds or headphones in, and work that body until you can’t no more. The great thing is once you get into the repetition of exercising on a consistent basis, it becomes a part of the day that you look forward to!


Wine, it comes red or white — but it also comes with a soothing vibe. Yes, wine is in a class of alcohol of its own (especially, depending on the brand), but it’s a great way to slowly ease your way from Tequila, Jack Daniels, and Crown Royal. If wine isn’t strong enough, that connotes how dependent you are on high levels of alcohol. That’s not to judge you, but to say that it’s time to abate on the alcohol.


Virtual or in-person (with precautionary measures), yoga is a peaceful form of mediation. If you don’t have a yoga mat, they are affordable at places like DD’s Discounts, Target and Amazon. Like B.K.S Iyengar said, “Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”


Counseling, after all other options fail, is the best bet. Sometimes, you may face situations or roadblocks in your life that are too deep to overcome with yoga, or music. As, it’s best to speak with a professional that can hear you out and guide you into a better direction. There is nothing to be embarrassed about when you seek counseling; It’s part of the journey of becoming the best person you can be.


The doctor’s office isn’t a place that many people like to be in — especially, when you’re a private person. However, a drug prescription from a doctor could give you hope to cut back on alcohol use. There’s no prescription that can be recommended for you from this post, but you should be able to trust in your physician’s expertise.


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