Regardless, of what some people may say: Emotional cheating is still cheating.


I will try my best not to exaggerate how much emotional cheating irks my nerves. Yet, hear me out — It irks my already sensitive nerves, because it shows intent to mentally drive me to be deranged. Dating and relationships are already challenging as is, so the ambitious intent of someone to play in your face is mind-blowing. From experience, emotional cheating looks differently, but feels the same: Heart-breaking.


Let’s say that you’re at dinner with bae and they begin to flirt with the waitress or bartender. They see how the waitress is looking at them and use that as a way to have soft moments with the waitress. Such like, continuing to ask for refills of water, this and that — Just to keep the waitress in their eyesight. The problem with this is not the fact that the waitress may be attractive, but that your bae is so arrogant to flirt in your face; What a slap in the face this is.

Feel me?


The “bestfriend” title is already suspect, so when your bae is always on the phone with them seems even more suspicious. This can sometimes make you insecure, especially if you really don’t know the true nature of your bae’s relationship with their bestfriend. In some cases, the bestfriend used to be a lover or a past fling, so being on the phone is a non-sexual way to remain close. Regardless, bestfriend shouldn’t be getting all the attention you should be getting.

Feel me?


Each time your bae is in their phone, you’re ease dropping to see what their doing — This is natural! Now, for those of you that check to see who’s experts in “like watching”, this can lead to a lot of suspicion. Maybe your bae is “like friendly” and sociable on their profiles, but multiple likes on a specific person’s page does shows likeness and is a form of flirting. So, the likes gives it away huh?


Not everyone hates their ex, as some people are able to separate with their ex and keep a cordial friendship. However, being friends with the ex should have a crossing line; Especially, if you are in a new relationship. So, if your bae is constantly giving gifts and hanging out with their ex, this is not only emotional cheating, it’s cheating.


Texting can get anybody caught up, particularly when you’re texting old lovers. If you see your bae texting their old lovers, is that just a sign of old lust? Yes, because it’s emotional cheating, and a person’s actions say a lot of what’s really on their mind. Maybe they just want sex from their old lover, but actually in love with you. Now, if I get into more detail, that gets tricky. Given said, texting old lovers is a no go.

In all, emotional cheating has a variety of situations. Always go with your gut feeling, because normally it’s always just. No, emotional cheating isn’t physical cheating but it can lead to it being so.

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