Working from home has become the norm for many Americans, but now that some states are re-opening this could mean going back into the office. Is this a good thing?

Return to Work Anxiety

Some states are considering, or taking steps to re-open their states since the vaccines appear to be keeping COVID-19 transmission and/or deaths down. Re-opening states, could mean businesses can go back to their normal capacities if they chose. So, all corporate employees who’ve been working from home over this past year and longer, may be returning back to the office soon. I’m no medical expert, so don’t take this post as such. If anything, returning back to the office is nerve-wrecking.

As, COVID-19 is still contagious, destructive and deadly. Slightly over 500,000 Americans have lost their life related to the viscous disease and moving too fast could cost more lives. In all respects, I appreciate the work that chemist and scientists do, but the vaccines were made so quickly it places doubt in my mind. Doubt that says the vaccines will only work for short-time, as COVID-19 has shown its versatile and has many variances. This is concerning, because there’s so many unknowns about this disease. Who knows, next month there could be discovery of a third or fourth variant of this novel disease; I hope not, because that would be a crisis.

The learn as we go approach isn’t efficient for the long-term. Yet, it seems to be the best approach that this pandemic has offered.

The anxiety steps us a notch, when you imagine a corporate building of over 3,000 people going back to work. The thought of the amount of bacteria that is being spread in such an environment; This is before COVID-19. Now, think about going back into that same environment with the risk of COVID-19 being a few droplets from any breathe of fresh air you take. The majority of people will be touching the elevator buttons and ramps, doors to the stairs and entrances — There’s so just much potential to being exposed to COVID-19 (even with precaution).

For businesses, it seems like COVID-19 is a no-win situation. If businesses open back up to full capacity, it could help increase their profits again. But re-opening at full capacity could include higher risks to the business’s bottom-line. For employees, it’s like they want to work but not in conditions where they’re exposed to a deadly disease. One in which has taken the lives of over 500,000 people in the U.S. and even more worldwide. For some employees, not even the hazard pay is enough to put their lives in danger’s way. Honestly, unless businesses and the government can provide comfort to their employees, everyone is going to be overwhelmed with anxiety.

Truly, if working from home is working, don’t change something that isn’t broken. Everyone should take their time and get this right, so we can saves lives, careers and businesses.

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