Life may bring roadblocks your way, but it’s core to know that you can overcome them.

The bills are behind, collections are calling, and your relationship is on ropes. These are some challenging times, that will push you into unforeseen spaces. You may be so behind on your bills, it appear impossible to get them caught up. Collections may be threatening to take everything that you’ve worked hard for. Your partner is one-foot in, about ready to call it quits. These are times where you face challenges that make you stronger and wiser. The test that you face through mishaps in life, should make you, not break you. To make you into someone that fights until the end; One that doesn’t give up, just because the devil wants you to.

As you have a power that will push you through.

A power called resilience that will see you through, any and everything.

Although, at times there seems to be no hope around you, go find it. When you’ve lost something, you go looking for it right? Therefore, when you need hope, do your diligence and go find the hope that you need. Even when the waves seem too high to jump over, that wave is only as big as you make it. Even when the sun seems to never shine above you, the sun will be beaming right over you. This is resilience: when you fall, get back up. It’s true, you won’t always be able to get right back on your feet promptly, but that’s by purpose. The purpose of this is to humble you without harm. As you’re never too high, to become too low.

Given said, believe in yourself to overcome the challenges of today. Tomorrow’s challenges may be better, or worse, but know that you will prevail. The power of resilience is in your hands, so put both hands in the faith of yourself. Usually, when you set your mind to get back on track, your work will prevail it to happen. Although, you may face some stumbles along the way, don’t be discouraged. Continue to keep your eyes on the path that you know is right. In honesty, resiliency isn’t about being a failure or successful, but having the will to meet challenges at the front door.

If resiliency teaches you nothing more, let it be that life’s challenges will knock on the door until you answer. The better that you take care of adversity, the lesser the impact of such adversity will have upon you. Just like a four-way stop, there’s more than one way to better yourself and your life. Notably, there’s more than one way to push through any, and everything.

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