The moon when it arises, is always perceptible. It’s something about the moon, that speaks to us in its own language. From new beginnings to detoxing people from your life, aligning yourself with the moon is life-changing.

The moon, ruler of our emotions, dictates how we feel about people and how these feelings may affect others. Aligning yourself with the moon, begins with understanding the moon and its transitions. The sight of the moon usually dictates there are changes betiding in your life. Changes are not always bad; They are essential at times to accomplish a better you.


When the moon is directly in between the Sun and Earth, its considered the new moon. This sometimes gives the moon a dark look, because of the way the moon is facing. Under the new moon, it’s a time of new beginnings and transformation in your personal growth. New beginnings is a contemporary chance at a new friendship, relationship, career or another lifestyle change. This new beginning is a positive time in your life, embrace this because you deserve it.


When the moon is growing in light, size, and energy this is the waxing moon. This is a transition period from the new moon to a full moon, in which good energies is the focus. Under the waxing moon, which last for typically 14 days, is a time to embrace abundance and prosperity. Other than new beginnings, it’s important to celebrate the positive people and things in your life. To be blessed with more positive components in the future, it takes appreciation of what you have now.


The full moon, is just that. Under the full moon, lunar energy is at its most powerful stage. It’s time to cleanse your life of toxic energies, and regain your focus on yourself and reenergize your heart and soul. During times when you face toxic people or situations, release from such. You are a better person without such toxic energies. The fear of loss encourages resiliency, but toxicity is not a win for you or anyone involved. Reenergize and you’ll discover releasing these toxic energies evolves the best you.


The full light of the moon lessens over each night, which brings upon the waning moon. This is when toxic energies begin to dissolve from your life, giving you peace and time to restore energy of self-love. Your wellbeing and wholeness is important, or you’ll lack completion to service others. Recovering from toxic people or situations can be challenging, but your self-love can overcome such times. The waning moon emphasizes the need to care for self, so one will be able input greater into the universe.

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