Toxic positivity is when we act to be okay, although we’re not. Portraying to be okay sustains pain, causing us to self-destruct in the process.

Positivity has a silver lining, especially when rejecting anything negative that make us emotional. Toxic positivity is living as positivity is the only way to live life, even when things are not okay. Despite the circumstances, how hurt we are, ruined we are, we don’t take time to embrace on our emotions. These emotions could be tears, that we desperately need to cry. As, there are many circumstances in life that will make anyone want to cry; Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, or being physically hurt by someone — It all hurts. To cry, doesn’t mean we’re embracing the negative; It just means we’re embracing being human. Humans have emotions, thoughts, and destiny. A tear only proves that, in sincerity.

Living as positivity is the only way to live is unjust, because as we do so, we’re damaging our mental wellness. This means, even when negative things happen to us or around us, we don’t react. We lose our mental wellness when we teach ourselves to be emotionless. As, for us humans its on purpose to be sensitive and vulnerable. As, sensitivity and vulnerability is us at our best and our worst. At our best, we are filled with happiness and true positivity. At our worst, we are filled with sorrow and pain. Life isn’t about all things positive, because sensitivity allows us the space to love and care. It’s okay to want love. It’s okay to care for others. It’s okay to show affections towards others. More so, life isn’t about all things negative either, because vulnerability allows us the space to be loved and find happiness in varied of places.

Without vulnerability, all things positive wouldn’t be possible. It’s just sometimes, we face negative outcomes — To teach us better.

Despite the circumstances, it’s okay to feel hurt, ruined, or disappointed — when things aren’t okay. When you face toxic circumstances, there’s steps to self-recovery. First, get out of that toxic space and into one of comfort and happiness. Usually, you’ll discover that happiness is within yourself, not from others. Secondly, take time to mediate and heal yourself through time and faith. Go outside and yell, grab the pillow and cry your eyes out, go punch a boxing bag — Get that toxic out. It’s purposeful to do so, because holding onto anything toxic is torment.

Believe it or not, you can let go of toxic people without losing yourself. You can be hurt, without being broken.

Love breaking, soul shaking, is just part of the road. We often fantasize a perfect life, with a perfect relationship, a perfect everything — which leads us to heart breaking. Yet, don’t let of your heart, your soul, or your will to care. You will be appreciated by those who deserve you be demised by others. You will be loved by those who appreciate you. More so, be the soul that you are — It’s who you’re meant to be.

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