There’s a nuisance that giving up is impulsive, yet it’s not when your gut tells you it’s time to move on.

Giving up may seem like a nuisance, but there must be a silver lining. Awhile back, Cynthia reached out for some advice about what to do about her grown, arrogant son Jim. From her note, Cynthia is a single-mother who birth Jim when she was just 17 years old (now 43). The father didn’t want no involvement with his offspring, so Cynthia worked long shifts at a convenient store and Waffle House overnight to make a living. Cynthia has been holding the weight of both mother and father. While raising Jim, she tried to teach him manners, through respect and honesty. However, now that he’s 21, Jim cusses at her and disobeys all her house rules. Yet, Jim is financially dependent on Cynthia — which must come to an end.

The silver lining in Cynthia’s situation, is dwindling funding to her son Jim and encouraging him to go get a job. He’s at the age where he should have checks depositing into his account bi-weekly. She has done everything within her power to care and nourish for Jim — now he must take that power into his own hands.

Generally speaking, it’s important that you draw the line in every situation. You cannot keep allowing your spouse to cheat on you, and take them back each time. You cannot keep allowing your friend to borrow $50, but never return it back. You cannot keep allowing someone to call you offensive slurs. You cannot allow people to mistreat, because that’s not what you deserve. More so, you do deserve to be treated as you treat others. The silver lining is set when you can no longer can waist anymore of your time, energy or resources — only to get hurt again, and again. Truth is, you’ve done more than you’re entitled to do.

The silver lining is when people don’t recognize and appreciate your up and beyond kindness.

The silver lining is when the job is paying you less, than what you’re worth.

The silver lining is when you have peace.

The silver lining doesn’t always come right away, but always trust your first instincts. If you genuinely feel in your heart and soul that something is wrong, it usually is. When you feel in your gut that it’s time to call it quits, it usually is. Sometimes, our minds tell us if we give in or give up, we’re being impulsive. Luckily, that is false, as you owe it to yourself to have a better life; Even if this means removing people from your life or changing career paths. It’s so easy to get caught up, being the help to other people. In all, the greatest help that we can be is to ourselves.

Truth is, you’ll never feel bad for doing the right thing.

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