Spirituality connects us to our inner self; From what we value, believe in, and how we perceive our way of life to be. The deeper that we are to our own spirituality, the more apparent coincidences and synchronicities become. In perspective, a coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that have no apparent causal connection with one another. Basically, a coincidence is something that you least expected to happen, but it does. Such like, you and another person say the same thing at the same time. Such like, you had someone on your mind, then suddenly they message or call you. For some, coincidences are creepy, because they’re not suppose to happen at the times that they do. This can appear to be creepy, but there are meanings behind coincidences. It’s true, the deeper that we are to our own spirituality, the more apparent coincidences become — We understand why coincidences happen.

The meaning of coincidences vary between each occurrence. Sometimes, coincidences mean that you and someone is spiritually connected. You both share mutual characteristics, which is why you both think of each other at the same time. The love or worry you have for someone, they equally do for you too. More so, coincidences can also be a teacher of reality — Events occur to show us what is being done behind our backs. These events occur to show us who people really are. For example, you notice that your partner has started coming home for lunch as of late. You don’t question it publicly, but one day you come home and noticed a condom wrapper on side of the bed. The coincidence of this is that it was meant for you to see it. Many times all coincidence is things we already know, but don’t know. As, confusing at that sounds, coincidences will always have meaning. It’s up to you to pick up the leaf that falls in front of you.

The leaf can also be a synchronicity, in which is a coincidence that has an analog in the psyche, and depending on how you understand it, it can inform you, primarily through intuition and emotion. Therefore, synchronicities signals the path to your heart; Which is important in making life decisions such as to break-up with someone or whether to accept a job offer. Synchronicities appear meaningful to a situation that you’re facing, but they have no relation to your situation. Honestly, when the heart is leaning towards one path, your mind looks for synchronicities — To help sustain the direction you’re heart is leaning towards. So, if your heart is leaning towards moving to Texas, then you may start to notice every car that passes with a Texas license plate. Mentally, you will feel that’s your sign to move to Texas. Truly, those license plates have no true relation to you making the decision to move.

Considering all, it’s potent to follow your heart. It’s the greatest symbolism of mind and matter.

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