In today’s time, dating isn’t as popular as it once was. Now, there’s situationships, or something like that! For some, situationships are confusing and causes one to wonder, what is a situationship? Let’s discuss it.

Situtationships are more complicated than just nights, relaxing and watching Netflix — they entail many components. For one, a situationship is a situation where you’re currently kicking it with someone consistently, but have no commitment or label to it. With situationships, they are more spontaneous as there’s no stipulations from either side. This can be a form of dating, but normally situationships are not considered a dating matter at all. With dating, there’s a stipulation of some form of exclusiveness. With dating, there’s understanding that there’s a bond, a commitment, and strings attached. This can get tricky, because sometimes dating is open or casual; Where both partners can have other options, while still being committed to each other. Even while open to others, there’s still that expectation of commitment to one another.

So, a situationship isn’t even that serious. For a situationship, it can be completely sexual or friendly. Usually, it’s never a combination of both, because then that complicates it further. The reason a situationship comes about is through complicated factors, such as current relationship status, just getting out of a relationship, or timing. Although, some people claim that friends with benefits entail no feelings, or attachments, it’s not always that apparent. Therefore, a situationship is somewhere near the friends with benefits category. Personally, any situationships ever experienced were unexpected. Let’s say that I meet someone on a friendly level, we start kicking it consistently, then suddenly it starts getting intimate between us. Yet, we don’t hold any expectations between us. We just go with the flow. Some people may think a situationship is just another friend with benefits, but it’s not. Friends with benefits start sexual and they end sexual. In truth, most people aren’t going to date anyone their friends with benefits with — It’s just how it is. Situationships don’t start so sexual and as a result, they transform successfully into relationships.

More so, situationships give value to creating friendships with people and letting the chemistry and time flow naturally. We all may label our situationships differently, but in truth not everything is entitled to be labeled. Unlike friends with benefits, a situationship gives hope for hopeless romantics because these types of relationships aren’t always so sexual. In return, this allows the opportunity to build strong chemistry and understanding between each other. Through time, allows two people the ability to get to know each other. There are many success stories where true friends become true lovers. In all, every situation varies but it’s up to your judgment to determine if a situationship is what you really want.

Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.”

Joey Adams

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