How to grow self-esteem is a developmental process that takes commitment and self responsibility. Growing self-esteem isn’t solely about self-love, but self growth. Loving yourself is just, but also have the guts to change, to grow.

How to Grow Self-Esteem


In psychology and sociology, selfesteem reflects your overall subjective emotional evaluation of your own worth. Your self-esteem can be influenced by body parts that you dislike or things like the way you walk or talk. Simply, improving your self-esteem begins with your likeness of yourself (flaws and all). 


Be true to yourself means that you implement your values and goals into your life. Not feeling pressure to be like others, or change your values, this step is important. If you value dating before sexual intercourse, continue to hold that value. More so, if you’re goal is to attend a prestige college, continue to work for that achievement. If there ever comes a time to change your value and goals, let it be by your choice.Β 


Appreciate your good qualities, and work to resolve the components of yourself that needs improvement. There is nobody living that is perfect, we all have flaws and things about ourselves that we need to improve. Sometimes, we cannot control how big our nose is or the color of our skin; therefore we must love and accept ourselves.Β 


Friends carry valueless weight in our lives, and we must appreciate that. Importantly, it’s wise to have friends that not only care about you, but will hold you accountable to your values and goals. They should be people who respect you and encourage you to be your best. People who put you down are not the kind of friends you need.​


Your attitude is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are. Yes, there will be challenging times in your life when people will test your positivity, but always remain diligent in your approach. Keeping a positive attitude is a focus to your mindset; You’re only a great as you allow yourself to be. If you allow negativity to distract you, it’ll set you up for doomsday.


Level-headed is a humble approach to life, as it teaches us to remain diligent at being the best person we can be. You, nor anyone is perfect, yet it’s important to always work to change bad habits about yourself. Sometimes, we lose so much in life because we’re too selfish, arrogant, or cocky — sit down and be level-headed. Humility should be one of the greatest assets to your character.

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