Infidelity is a homewrecker, which usually does more damage that can be repaired. Luckily, some relationships can be saved with commitment, understanding, and communication.

Yes, two men are in acquittance in the above photo. Love is love, so there’s emphasis that infidelity can wreck all forms of relationships. No certain people is exempt or higher risk to infidelity.

More so, infidelity is when there is some form of cheating in your relationship. Infidelity doesn’t have a number, as it can happen just once or have been occurring on a consistent basis — cheating is cheating. Being on the end of a cheating partner, it’s heartbreaking and can be overbearing. It’s heartbreaking because you give so much into your relationship, only to get dust in return. From helping out with the bills, or paying all the bills, to being faithful — you deserve to be appreciated better. Although, you’re not perfect, you’ve been the best person that you can be. Although, you’re not the sexiest person in the world, you’re not hideous either. Although, you’re not the rich, you’ll give your last penny if it came down to it. Although, your partner has one foot in, you’ve always had two foot in. Yet, considering all the above, you get cheated on.

It makes you feel like you’re not good enough, or that you’re not enough.

Truth is, infidelity isn’t always about you, but your partner. You could be with a person that is best suited to be in a polyamorous relationship. No matter how great you are, your partner will always fonder outside of your relationship – they admire new experiences. To some capacity they have commitment to you, yet sexually they admire spontaneousness. Infidelity doesn’t always mean your partner doesn’t love you, which may not make sense right now. Think differently, to understand why your partner cheated and if their is any reasoning that can be justified. Are you pleasing your partner? Are you giving your partner affection? Are you always working and never home? In honestly, these are things that can be repaired in a relationship. If your partner is asking to have sex more than once a week, give it to them more than once. If you cannot, it’s unreasonable to think they wouldn’t start looking elsewhere. If your partner wants you to hold them, then hold them!

Communication is the greatest remedy in a relationship. We all have wants, needs, feelings and emotions. We must understand that it’s important to not just talk, but listen too. No, we are not always right in our relationships, which is okay — imperfection is what makes us whole. Repairing our relationship starts with identifying the underlining problem(s) and see what can remedy them. However, if your relationship is impossible to repair, then it’s to move forward in your life. Repairing a relationship is more than just reading a post, it takes commitment, understanding and communication. As, in most relationships that experience phases of infidelity, it’s more than the cheating that has the relationship on ropes.

Affection is when you see someone’s strengths; love is when you accept someone’s flaws.

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