Best friends break-up sometimes too, for various of reasons; Some which are too overbearing to overcome.

Break-ups are always tough, but all things have purpose.


Growth, whether it’s on your end or your bestfriends’, is a common reason for bestfriend break-ups. As, sometimes we outgrow the people who we’ve been accustomed to. When I say outgrow, I’m referring to mindset and matter. When we grow, usually our mindset change and priorities do too. As a result, we tend to lose our bestfriend in the process; Especially if they’re not evolving with us. Honestly, that’s why its so important to have friends that’s on the same mission as you… with the same, or greater vision. Friends are meant to support each other, with growth this is highly important.

Lack of Trust

Situations do arise that can either break or make a friendship. As trust is already a sensitive component within ourselves to give to people and things, any doubt can lead to a lack of trust. From your bestfriend not telling you something that they should have; To you dating or interacting with an old friend or partner of your bestfriend. Regardless of the situation, right is right and wrong is wrong. Truly, when we do or someone does us wrong, guilt is in the eye of the beholder. When the matter of trust arises, usually a friendship is heading down a road of destruction.

New Relationships

Believe it or not, some bestfriend break-ups are because of new found love. Personally, it’s challenging to understand why some people distant from their friends once they become into a new relationship. It’s challenging because this is shady business. A new relationship shouldn’t demise one’s friendship with anyone. Friendship is earned, just as a romantic relationships are — one is not greater than another. Truthfully, if your friend distances from you while they’re in a relationship its because they don’t trust their partner, or they don’t trust you, or they’re intimidated by you. From insecurities to issues with trust, some people don’t like to gamble with their relationships or friendships.


Considering all the reasons bestfriends break-up, betrayal is one of the most common reasons. Just like mentioned above, situations do arise that can either break or make a friendship. These situations discover the loyalty and trust between your friends and self. Also, these situations will shine light to who someone truly is. You could be friends with someone for 10 years, and they never gave you any reason not to trust them. Yet, recently you discover that they have betrayed you. Truth is, some people have two different versions of them — One side that you can trust, another side that you cannot. Yet, not all people are like this, so please understand this before assuming anything. With this given, when betrayal becomes the matter in a friendship… it’s over.

Bestfriend break-ups are heartbreaking, yet understand that some people aren’t equipped to be your friend in every aspect of your life. You should never settle for half-friends. Like all things, your breakup has a purpose — This could be a blessing in disguise.

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