In your eyes, you’re good a lot, but great at nothing. Maybe you should think differently?

Being good at a lot, but great at nothing can be frustrating and depressing. That desire to be great at least something is ideal, right? It’s understandable that you want to feel great and accomplished at something. The feeling that you’re able to accomplish things that no one expected of you. The opportunity to be successful in a career that no one believed was for you. The desire to be great can be extensive, yet challenging. However, the desire to be great can ultimately do more damage than good. This is said, because you already have a destiny. The things that you’re good at, are purposeful to identifying what your purpose will be in life. In honestly, no person’s destiny is to be great at anything. Your individual purpose is to excel at what’s for you.

Writing music may not be for you.

Dancing in music videos may not be for you.

Writing a book may not be for you.

Dating and relationships may not be for you.

In perspective, sometimes you want to excel at things that aren’t meant for you. As a result, it’ll always seem as if you’re failing at being great. Truth is, your destiny has greatness awaiting you. In this greatness, you will discover who you’re meant to be, thus who you were not meant to be. Yes, sometimes finding your destiny can be difficult, yet don’t give in because it’s taking too long. As, when you’re ready to meet your destiny, it will awaken to you. Sometimes, in our dreams we hear voices, but cannot put it with a face. The same applies to destiny, as sometimes you feel you’re getting close to your destiny, but it doesn’t appear. This can be mind-blowing, especially with impatience. However, patience is a true virtue and it will be worth greater than you can understand right now.

Considering this, continue to embrace the things that you’re good at. Just because you’re not great at these things, doesn’t mean that you’re a failure or weak. As, the things that you’re great at will come naturally, with little effort. For example, a dancer can choregraph their own moves, because new techniques and rhythm comes natural to them. Given this, give yourself the appreciation for all that you’ve accomplished thus far in life. It’s easy to be degrading of oneself, because of the pressure to be great. Sickening as it may sound, you may already be great. As, the toughest critic is our own-self. Everyone is great at something, regardless if they cannot see it right now. Truth is, if you’re always looking for negative things about yourself, you’ll never see you’re greatness.

Actually, you’re great at a lot, good at nothing!

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