Despite one’s faith, if any, life is known to give us unimaginable pain and suffering. There’s such a thin line between suffering and healing, one must understands the importance of choosing healing. As, suffering is a choice in the reality of things.

Suffering, then There’s Healing.

In reality, we’re all suffering from something or because of someone. The pain can be so suffocating that it’s become strenuous to breathe. The pain is so bruising that we cannot even recognize ourselves, anymore. Sometimes, it may feel like we’re in this world just to suffer at the hands of fate, money, and bad people. This is not to be negative, as good things do happen in life too. However, sometimes the bad is overpowering of anything good. Considering that pain is a component of life, at some point, all we can do is learn to find the journey of healing.

Somehow, somewhere there must be a path to recovering from our pain and suffering. Hopefully so, because it will take time to heal, especially when there’s everlasting nightmares and fears. It’s easy to forgive someone who has hurt us, but it’s challenging to forget what they did. It’s easy to remember our loved ones, but devastating to perceive what happened to our loved ones and why. Man, some things just don’t make sense, even through strong faith.

Given said, there’s reality that we must accept: There is destiny. You and I, both have destiny, and it will unveil in due time. Unfortunately, we cannot take back losses or rewind time to prevent the past from happening. Undoubtedly, if the past could give us second chances, the pain of now may be nonexistent. Yet, that’s in the imagination of things, when all things are our way.

However, the imagination of things aren’t substantial to the thin line of suffering and healing. Although, we disagree with the past; what’s happened and how it has affected us, we must choose healing. Despite how we feel right now, we must focus on getting to a place of comfort and forgiveness. Instead of honing on what’s causing our pain, to hone on what makes us joyful. Before the worse, there was good memories and time shared. Before you were hurt, there was happiness and love.

As, overbearing the pain may be, your path to healing is at your direction. There is no speed that you’re entitled to follow, because only you know your pain. Only you know what it will take, before you’re in a place of comfort and forgiveness again. Take it one day at a time, eventually you will reach a better place — physically, emotionally, and mentally. My friend, what you are bearing now is only a test of your strength.

There’s a thin line between suffering and healing, you must move forward.

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