The important of strong relationships are enormous. In challenging times, you want your relationship to be solid and built to last.

The road to a strong relationship can be challenging and stressful, but with the right match, the end result will be worth it. Strong relationships can be romantic or platonic, therefore both forms of relationships will be discussed.

Romantic Relationships

The importance of a strong romantic relationship is evident when the road gets rocky. Sometimes in relationships, there are times of misunderstanding and disconnect. In reality, misunderstandings begin when communication is weak in one’s relationship. A couple can be together for just short-time, or decades, and still feel like they don’t know how to address issues with one another. It’s common not to want to run your partner away, but it’s unreasonable to expect your partner to read your mind — They (usually) cannot. A strong relationship entails the ability to communicate about any matter. This ensures there is trust and commitment to work on differences in the relationship.

More so, strong relationships don’t happen overnight. It takes time to get a full understanding of a person, as there’s always more to a person that one might expect. Usually with us all, there is the good and the bad, or the pros or the cons. Regardless, understanding a person will void the effects of one’s flaws. If you really put this in perspective, imperfections are usually what attracts two together. More so, a strong relationship is truly tested through trials and tribulations. If one’s relationship is always perfect, it may be not be one of strength. As, when an issue or disagreement does arise, it’ll fail the relationship in sudden time. This happens because everything was so perfect, now that it’s not, neither partner knows what to do.

In truth, a strong relationship will have a long story to unravel.

Platonic Relationships

Strong platonic relationships begin with trust and loyalty. Trust is not an aspect of people that they normally like to share. It’s challenging to trust people with one’s personal secrets, etc., therefore loyalty is equally as important. When a person shows their loyalty, despite the time or circumstance, this gives comfort in a platonic relationship. Instead of concerns about one’s secret being shared broadly, one knows they can trust their friend.

There will be circumstances that will test the foundation of a platonic relationship, as external factors play out. Sometimes, there will be situations of hearsay, but one must know who their friend truly is. It’s vital to have a strong platonic relationship, because if you don’t know your friend, you’ll be susceptible to negativity. Not everything you hear about your friend will be true. Not everything people say about you will be true. As, a result, your platonic relationship is never in danger at the hands of people on the outside, looking in.

In all, platonic relationships are strong when they are spiritual and there is a matter of understanding.

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