Frankly, it comes in one ear and out another.

There are problems, then there’s issues like being stuck having the same arguments.

For various of reasons, having the same arguments tend to happen. As, a result this creates long-term issues in one’s relationship. Instead of listening to each other, you’re yelling or being combative. Yelling at each other, isn’t listening. Being combative against one another, isn’t understanding. The side effects of not being heard, is devastating to one’s self-esteem and spirit. Sometimes, arguments are so insulting that they can make one feel unattractive. Sometimes, arguments are so exhausting, one loses its appetite for anything. Truth is, all of this can be avoided.

Through the willingness to listen, to one another, evolves the opportunity for understanding. There will be words, phrases, and emotions shared that you may not agree with. There will be the unveiling of truth, that you’re not willing to accept right now; However, you must know the truth. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of who’s right or wrong, but who’s willing to remedy their mistakes. Who has the commitment to be the best person that they can for oneself, and for you. It’s unjust to expect anyone to feel how you feel, or to think how you think. That’s why it’s so essential to listen to the perception of others, as you’ll like for them to reciprocate that same energy.

Considering this, stuck having the same arguments is a choice. If one doesn’t have the ability of tolerance, they’ll always see things impulsively. Mentally, some people always think they’re righteous in everything they do. Their mindset always says that their way of doing things is the rule of law; However, this can be far from the truth. Through a mindset as such, one will always be arrogant and incapable to discover common ground. If it feels like you’re talking to a wall, likely you are. These type of people are not considerable in their thought process, even when they’re evidently in the wrong.

In due time, the truth will unravel.

In reflection, it’s best to allow yourself the ability to hear more than your own voice. There is so much you could learn just by listening to others. There will always be disagreements, but there won’t always be agreements. This is, because we all think and feel differently; This is apart of the law of attraction. Therefore, stuck having the same arguments is not healthy or a solution. Arguing about the same issue isn’t going to solve the issue at hand As, people have the choice to recognize and remedy their own dishonors, their own mistakes, their own deceit. It can be upsetting when people are careless about how you feel or think, but don’t let their recklessness destroy you.

If the righteous act is to change, one must do what’s right.

If the righteous act is to apologize, one must do what’s right.

As, what’s right, is what’s righteous.

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