Texting back someone who ghosted you before is like playing with dice. So, one must ask: Is it even worth replying back?

Texting is a form of communication that allows us to connect with people, almost immediately. However, sometimes we give people our numbers who don’t know how to text back. This is usually referred to as ghosting.

Texting back someone who’s ghosted you is optional. It’s optional, because they see you as optional too. Instead of texting you back immediately, or within a reasonable time, they stale a response to you. When someone stales their response to you, or read your message and not reply, you’re not a priority. We all know how excited when we get, when that one person text us. We’re always by our phones, anticipating their text back — They should be too.

Of course, we have jobs and other personal obligations, but we make time for what and who we want too. In perspective, if someone cannot take a few seconds or one minute to text you back, what does that tell you? Texting someone back doesn’t take too much effort — Even our grandparents know how to text us now.

Of course, there may be times where a person is truly busy. Yet, it’s easy to use time as an excuse. Ideally, don’t text anyone back that has ghosted you, because you’ll always be chasing them. When someone truly wants to be bothered or entertained by you, it will be obvious. When someone doesn’t want to be bothered, it’s obvious by not replying back to you.

It’s a tough pill to swallow when someone ghost you, but if they are for you, then they will be for you. In reality, if you have to chase someone to text back, just imagine your life with this person. Always having to chase them to pay a bill. It’s true, we like who we like, but that’s not always a positive trait. Sometimes we choose the bad over the good, with people, and that’s unjust.

They decided not to text back, so that is your opportunity to move onto better.

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