The negative effects of toxic positivity are ample, therefore it’s important to be actual about negativity. As, toxic positivity is the obsession of positive thinking. Although, positive thinking is important in certain aspects of one’s life, it’s not okay to be delusional about the reality of negativity. Here’s why:


Although, having the “good vibes only” approach sounds cool, but not all vibes are good. As much as you try to ensure that nothing bad happens in life, something bad will happen. These are the happenings in life, that are out of your control. Installing a good vibes only style in your life, is a positive move, but it’s unreasonable to expect life to always be so good. Life is unpredictable, the vibe can change rapidly.


Toxic positivity downplays issues and deepen their effects. The longer that you downplay any issue, it becomes formidable to resolve. For example, your partner has abused you during the entire relationship, but you’re insistent it will get better. Toxic positivity can sometime give false hope, that will lead to disastrous endings. Having hope is powerful, but be sure to always set a silver lining with everything.


As, great of a person that you are, bad things will likely happen at some point in your life. From losing a loved one, to getting into a car accident, these are times of sensitivity. These are not times to be thinking positive, because what just happened is heartening, scary, or just an erratic of all emotions. “They are in a better place,” may seem sympathetic, but maybe it’s really not? There isn’t a sun, in all situations.


There’s no need to sugar coat that toxic positivity is fake, and can make you become a fake person too. You ever watch those movies where the wife is unhappy with her husband, but pretends to her friends that she’s so in love? Just imagine, being that person where everything about you is perfect, your life is perfect, your job is perfect — everything is just fairytale perfect! Yet, in reality, all hell is breaking loose around you. The choice to be fake happy, is truly a choice.


The focus of upbeat thinking, to shunt challenges, isn’t propitious. The insidious effects of toxic positivity is greater than most realize, because their blindsided. So blindsided that regardless of anything negative, there’s always a positive. This may true, in some situations, but not every situation. It’s important to take the challenges in life, as they are. Roadblocks will have a place in life, regardless if it’s deserving to you or not. Basically, it’s okay to be struggling in life. It’s okay to feel sad about your job loss. It’s okay to be heartbroken about your break-up. It’s okay to think and feel human.

Life is, what it will be.

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