That’s right, live life, despite all its challenges.

So often, life will make you regret your decisions.

So often, life will give you doubts because you could’ve did this, or you could’ve did that. This is what life does… makes you second guess everything you do, in fear of possible consequences. Whether you choose to walk left or walk right, either direction will have consequences — good and bad. If you walked the wrong way today, just walk the correct way tomorrow. A bad decision, shouldn’t hold you back.

More often, you will face the challenge of burying a loved one. The loved one that was your favorite family member. The loved one that always put you first, over themselves. The loved one that you knew loved you, truly. Loss of life, is how it works, but it can still be overbearing. Knowing that loss of life is destined, there’s no reason to not live your best life.

More often, the heartbreak of love will shatter you. Shatter you to places of regret and depression. Places of hopelessness. Places that you didn’t know exist. It’s true, love and the pursuit of love makes you vulnerable. This vulnerability is sometimes worth it, most times it’s not. If anything is true, love doesn’t always come instantly, therefore be diligent and let true love find you.

So often, life won’t make sense.

Given said, what’s misunderstood about life is truth: It’s not meant to be understood. If life wasn’t so illusory, it will tell you all of its secrets. It would explain why certain challenges occur in your life. More so, it would explain the loss of the best people, whom have died to soon. Life isn’t fair, especially to the people that struggle — despite, pushing so hard for more. Life is hell to good people, but that is okay — Your purpose is God chosen. He knows you will prevail, in his purpose and for thee self.

If nothing more, live life despite its challenges. Enjoy the moments of your personal success. Continue to be who you are, and never stop loving. If nothing else keeps life evolving, it’s your self-love and the love you interject into the world. Despite your imperfections, you have purpose. This purpose is often greater than life, even if right now you cannot see it. There’s so much unexplained in life, but you can fill in the blanks by living each day in wholeness.

As, joy fulfills the best you.

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