Some years ago I wrote, “Earn Your Love”, comprised of my ideology on how dating and relationships should drive. Ideology of selflessness, accountability, and honesty. Love isn’t solely about one person, as there’s two peas in a pod. To be successful in dating or marriage, there must be accountability for being imperfect, but willing to do what’s right and change what’s righteous. Then there’s honesty, which is potent to ensuring (1) there is loyalty (2) there is mutual effort (3) there is trust and (4) the pros outweigh the cons.

Loyalty: You deserve someone that’s going to commit to you, for the footslog. Even when it’s hard to love you, they’re still there. Yet, don’t take someone’s loyalty for granted, it can quell.

Effort: Anyone can make excuses, but someone with effort does it facilely. You deserve someone that reciprocates the same energy, commitment, time, and sacrifice that you give. This important, or you’ll be in the relationship alone.

Trust: Having comfort in the person that you’re in a relationship with is warming. Not having any doubts, always give that ease of mind. If your trust is broken at some point, forgive them, but remain highly aware.

Pros > Cons: Imperfections can either be a beauty or a beast. Given said, there must be greater upside to a person, than downsides. Sometimes are dire and you may want love dearly, but don’t settle — It will quickly backfire.

Earn Your Love, can be purchased on Amazon or Google Play

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