There are times, in loneliness, where there will be nobody but yourself. Just know, you can count on yourself. All it takes is the will to be independent and a commitment to self-love — I’m doing it, so can you!

When you’re alone, these times may feel like the worst times of your life. These times will also bore the hell out of you. Loneliness isn’t anything that I would wish upon you, because we all deserve the ability to be free and social. Better yet, we all deserve to be cared about and loved. Like I always preach, there’s a good and bad regarding everything in life — loneliness is no exception. The good about being alone is that it’s all about you. Instead of having to cater to anyone else, you can cater to yourself. Go the mall and get yourself a ice-cream cone and some new sneakers — with your hard earned money. Go to the pool and tan in the chair, until the sun runs you back inside. Go to the mountains and see the beauty of the world, through the views of the sky and nature’s terrains.

Being alone, is a time to be there for yourself. A time to refocus yourself from toxic people and tough situations. Life will evolve around you, at your own pace, when you take control of your life. For some people, they’re never alone, because they feel accepted when they’re around people. This is highly understandable, but always being around people isn’t always positive. As, being around the wrong people and energies, can transpire you to evolve into the worst person of oneself. I’ve known people that feel disgraced and discriminated against because of the people they associate with, but if the shoe fits then… it’s not discrimination or bias. You are who you hang around. You are who you allow into your space. You are who your energy shows you to be.

More so, being less dependable on other people is a blessing in disguise. Short term, loneliness will make you feel unwanted, unloved, and all the other bad feelings. Yet, long term loneliness can help build your self-love, independence and way of life. Being around nobody but yourself, gives you extended time to cope and correct your flaws. Sometimes, this is a time where you can learn to love yourself. Now possibly, your next relationship can be successful — you’ll be accepting of love. It’s fundamental to be there for yourself, before bringing anyone else into your life. Whether this is a friendship or romantic relationship, learn and love who you are first. The greater your self love, the greater your love will be to others.

In emphasis, be there for yourself, before expecting anyone else to be. The love that you have for yourself, must be at a level where dependency isn’t on others but yourself. Sometimes, who you think can provide you comfort, is providing you nothing more than more loneliness. You can be lonely on your own, why be in a relationship lonely?

Believe in You, I do.

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