Dating can create a influx of different signs, that can leave you uneasy. When it comes to texting someone you like, there are a few signs that can indicate they like you too.

Dating may seem kindergarten, but dating is highly complicated. Not only does dating take commitment but understanding, as reading each other’s mind is lunatic. The best way to know whether someone is worth anymore of your time, is to observe their actions — not what they tell you. More so, observe whether a person denotes to what they say. Considering this, look for these signs someone like you via text:


Consistency is always a affirmative indication that someone is mildly or highly interested in you. Someone who is consistent, may send you good morning messages, random messages asking how your day is going, or even call you on their breaks at work. Sometimes, people can be so consistent, it’s a itty-bitty scary. Think of it like this, you could have someone who doesn’t text you often, who you’re always chasing; Therefore appreciate any consistency you receive from someone.


Texting can get boring, especially after a long period of time. However, when someone has the patience to wait out the necessary time before any in-person meeting, it builds excitement. Someone who is into you, will be patient, yet consistently express their excitement to meet you. It may appear that they are pushy (and they might be), but encourage them that their patience will prevail. It’s plain sailing for some people to go ghost if they can’t immediately meet you, so anyone who shows this resiliency and patience is truly interested.


Pictures can speak a thousand words, if you look closely. Usually, when someone likes you they want to try and impress you through their pictures and appearance. They may send you some of their best pictures, because they want your approval. Yes, someone sending you tons of pictures could mean they’re conceited, but on another note they could be insecure too. I’ve known some very attractive people who were insecure, so beauty isn’t always seen in the eyes of the beholder. Acknowledge that you received their pictures and express your view about them. Given said, depending on the type of pictures it is, it may be courteous to send some pictures in return.


Texting someone who is dull, is like talking to the wall. It’s better to just talk to yourself, than talk to a brick wall. The most important stage in dating is getting to know each other, which takes sufficient time. Therefore, it’s potent to have conversations that matter; Such as learning each other’s heritage, personal stories, past experiences, health issues, and/or expectations. The more you know about someone, and vice versa, coming to an understanding becomes affable. When there is understanding, there is likely communication. When there is no communication, unlikely there is understanding.


Final thought is that, anyone can tell and sell you a fairytale. Let people show you through their actions, who they really are and what their intentions are. As time evolves, make the best decision that you feel in your gut — it never lies.

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