Today, wasn’t promised to you. The best way you can honor this, is by embracing today.


Today is a day that wasn’t promised for you to see. Hours before today could have been your calling to the Lord, yet you are here breathing in air. Today may not be the perfect day, but it’s a privileged day. There will be things that happen, that will make you cry or anger — but the outcome will be favorable for you.


Today is a day that can be what you aspire for it to be. Mentally, you aim for today to be a great day, physically put in the work to make today great. You want people to be kind to you, then reciprocate that and be kind to others. You want today to be of forgiveness, then forgive and release all your grudges.

The power of today is within your hands and will. In your hands, you can place accountability into your palms. In your will, you can commit to being the best person you can be, despite any obstacles. Today can be, without any excuses, anything you want or expect it to be. Truly, you are in control of today’s predestination.


To enjoy today means to be filled with joy by life’s components; This could be certain people in your life, or activities that you love to do. Despite, yesterday’s troubles, today is not determined to be trouble. Today is not determined to be a headache or painful. More so, the best way to enjoy today, is to have short memory. Surround yourself around things that make you happy and feel positive about your life. This is important, as your best is when you’re filled with joy.


To embrace today means to appreciate life, every minute. Be appreciative of the people that have checked on you today. Be open-minded to new possibilities that will present itself today. Be loving to those, that love and adore you. If today is your last day on Earth, let it be a day that you have no remorse. A day that you focused on yourself, for once. Your happiness can be found in the things and people that you love. “Things” can be anything, because it can vary between you and I.

The best way to embrace today is to let your happiness be infinite.


Tomorrow is unforeseen, therefore only today must be in your sight. After the conclusion of today, shall you bring concern for tomorrow. Just like today, tomorrow can be what you want or expect it to be. Continue to enjoy today, embrace today, and reach your joy.

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