Recently, you may have gone through a tragic experience; That has taken happiness from you. Despite the tragedy, let’s discover how to be happy again.

Happy, Again.

Sometimes, it takes time to find happiness again. Yet, don’t give up and take as long as you need. In your pursuit to be happy again, consider the following:


Recognizing your pain is the first step to healing from how you feel. Now, that you’ve recognized that you’re hurt by something or someone, this time is all about you. It’s about taking the time to heal from your pain, mentally and emotionally. If you are physically hurt, through time your wounds will heal — Be sure to take care of yourself.

More so, releasing your emotions is important. Even, if takes crying in the shower or talking out loud, don’t let these emotions suffocate you — let them out. Recognizing your pain will help you understand how close you are to healing. It’s okay to feel feelings of remorse, regret, or sadness, as you are human. The past cannot be reversed, therefore you must live in the now.


Live in the now, as the past has already come and gone. Life is not a time machine, so nothing in the past can be changed. The reality is, the past is a great teacher. Use those lessons, to thrive as you live in the now.


It’s easy to blame yourself, for the misfortunes of the past. This often leads to feelings of guilt and resentment, making it difficult to forgive yourself. Despite the past, forgive yourself, because imperfections doesn’t make you a bad person. The misfortunes of the past, doesn’t mean you deserved those situations to happen. Given said, the past isn’t a reflection of you. Yet, a reflection of what you’ve gone through — Your story.

Be kind to yourself, because you deserve forgiveness. Imperfections are destined to grow not destroy you. Truly, because of the past, you are wiser and stronger.


Let go of grudges, as they are the barrier to your happiness. Forgiveness doesn’t happen overnight, but it takes your will to forgive. Whether this is a person whom have hurt you or a loved one, there will be a time prompting your forgiveness. When this time come, you must not say no, you must let go of grudges and forgive.

You should know, forgiveness isn’t giving acceptance for the wrongdoing or the hurt they’ve caused you. Forgiveness is about maintaining the power of your healing. Grudges don’t allow you to heal, they continue to suffocate you.


Think positive, so positive things will transpire into your life. If you don’t welcome positivity into your life, darkness will overshadow it. Think positive, because not everything in your life is bad. Think positive, because you deserve happiness. Think positive, because you are now wiser and stronger. Think positive, because you are highly favored.


Tyrone lost his both of parents and teenage brother in a housefire, yet no one would ever know this because he always smiles when passing people. Yes, the loss of his immediate family has scarred him, but he don’t show it on his face. He knows, he must surround himself around positive triggers that make him smile or laugh. As tragic as Tyrone story is, he has gratitude for his life and opportunity to carry on his family’s legacy.

Thinking about the negative things, makes you cry.

Thinking about the positive things, makes you smile.

Choose to smile.

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