You want success instantly, but sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. This can be discouraging, but it’s important to have a timeless mindset. Let me share why!


Timeless is to not be restricted to a particular time or date. Sometimes, this could mean no ending or beginning.


Typically, with goals setting a date is key to measuring your success. However, sometimes goals can be greater than time. Although, you may want to refinance or buy a new house in two years, maybe the market isn’t suitable for that right now. Whether you aim to graduate college early, life may hit you hard and it causes a few setbacks. Despite the examples, its okay to set a timeline for you goals. Just remember, if you don’t meet that timeline, reaching your goals is still possible.


It’s easy for people to say that the past shouldn’t affect you still, however that’s far from the truth. Mentally, the past never goes away; No matter how desperately you try to erase its memories. For some people, it takes a few months or years. For you, it may take you a timeless route before you reach healing. Just because you haven’t healed yet, doesn’t mean you’re struck in the past. It just means, healing isn’t upon you yet — You need more time. Don’t let anyone rush your healing process, because that’s going to initiate greater harm to you.


True love, is timeless. There isn’t a set time frame of when you find love. There also isn’t a set time frame of how soon or late you can fall in love. When love is for you, love will find and embrace you. It’s easy to get discouraged because love isn’t coming easy — but it will come. Before it does arise, be ready to love unconditionally. Be ready to give it your complete efforts. Be ready for the vulnerability, that follows love. More so, be patient, as love is timeless and can never come too late or too soon.


Age ain’t nothing but a number. Live life, timelessly. Your age will only limit you, if you allow it to.


You asked God, to bless you with something or someone. Regardless, what you asked Father for, he is timeless in hearing your prayers. Just because your prayers weren’t answered today, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his hands on you. Just because your prayers never seemed to get answered, doesn’t mean you’re alone. It’s important to know, there is nothing God cannot do. He will always find a way to do. Allow him time, to make it happen for you.

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