Observe people and see what they’re giving. Normally, what you see is what’s true.

Observing people isn’t about building judgment, but gaining facts. Some people, they pretend to be who they are not. Thus, it’s important to observe people and uncover their true colors. The deceit that some people give you, isn’t always easy to identify right away. Thus, you must pay close attention and observe people’s actions, not their words. Take hence to the following phrases and situations, that can give insight to who someone really is.


So are you in a situation, where your bae (or boo thang) continues to tell you, “I’m going to do better”? It’s great news to the ears that your bae is telling you, what you want to hear. Yet, what are their actions giving you? Are they giving you hope, because you see their will to change? Are they giving you signs of a lost cause? If your bae aims to do better, they will communicate more. They will stop flirting on social media. They will contribute more towards the bills. They will stop cheating. They will spend more and quality time with you. Basically, if you can’t see the better, feel the better, it’s not getting better.


Being told by your bae that, “I’ll always be here,” is very charming. Yet, every time you complain or express discontent with something, they run away. They’re going to go spend the night at their bestfriend or bro house, so you can have your space. They don’t want to hear what you have to say. You make them feel like they’re never enough for you. They make so many excuses of why they’re running away. That “I’ll always be here,” was nothing less of a slap in the face. When times get uncomfortable, or difficult, it’s when your bae should affirm their their commitment and loyalty to you. They can show this by fighting it through with you.


While writing this, I’m laughing yet frowning — I would be rich, if people paid me back like they said they would! I’m exaggerating just a tad, but we all want our money back; Especially if you’re told that you’ll be paid back. It’s the principle of holding one to their words. Usually, when you lend money to people, you don’t expect it back… unless they say, “I’ll pay you back.” If someone continues to get money from you, yet never obliges to their, “I’ll pay you back,” then their simply taking your kindness for granted. Even if you have a million dollars in your account, that doesn’t mean you have a million dollars to freely give — people should take this into consideration.


Ever get tired of people texting you, “Wyd?”, me too. Yes, some people are straight-forward about what they need, yet one can never go wrong with asking, “How are you?”. From a respect perspective, it’s notable if someone cannot greet you properly.


So do you know a person who always jabber, “I’m not perfect,” anytime they get critiqued? Isn’t that so annoying? It’s annoying, because nobody is perfect, so by making that statement is just a way out of their mistakes. Instead of apologizing or doing what’s necessary to correct the problem, they make justifications. Truth is, being critiqued isn’t about who’s more perfect, but having consideration for others. Sometimes, our actions unintentionally affect people around us. People expressing this to one should be taken light-hearted, as not all criticism is out to destroy or lower one’s self-esteem. As, all criticism isn’t biased or harmful. It takes a mature person to view it such way.


Anytime someone tells you, “I won’t do it again,” is trouble. They are trouble, because they’ll likely do it again. Next time, they’ll do it more secretive and less obvious. Some people are smooth with words, so be careful. You were a fool once, don’t be one twice.

This post may have you looking at people sideways, but maybe they deserve that side eye! Observe and believe what you see.

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