Believe it or not, July 11 marked a 10-year milestone for my career and I.

10 years ago, I wrote my first book, Life’s Simple Point. It was written as a self-help book, encouraging readers to appreciate the good and bad of life, equally. At only age 17, I didn’t know much self-publishing, yet alone if my writing was powerful enough to sell books. As, I have read the book over-and-over again, I realized it wasn’t my writing, it was the lack of editing. Yet, it was a great start to where I am today. Therefore, it’s my fondest accomplishment to date.

From the writing to the publishing of Life’s Simple Point, I did it all on my own — at age 17. Better yet, I launched this website,, upon releasing my first book. That’s ten years, of providing people with inspiration to preserve their dream’s vision. More so, empowering people to live their best life, by being their best self. Even when I failed, I continued to stay resilient and never let my domain expire. It was important for me, and still is till this day, that I continue to grow on the foundation of my legacy.

Although, the World seems to get worse each day, individually it’s important to live your best life and treat others with love and dignity. Here I am, 10 years later, asking what do I want to do next? I’ve released three physical books and 6 e-books, had a radio show, what’s next for me? Here at age 26, my vision is stronger than ever. Next, will be the release of a series of e-books, a hardcover book, and I’m currently working on movies and songs. So, Keandre Curry, as you know it will be more than just an Author, but a Creator. As I venture into screenwriting and songwriting, join me along the way.

Greatly, thank you to the people that continue to support me (verbally and privately). It’s all the same love to me. The belief I have in my talent, is what I hope to transpire into my future movies, music and books. The drive to inspire and empower, begins and ends with you. I look forward to showing you the vision, in my eyes!

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Later, Keandre’!

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