The 2021 City of Atlanta Municipal General Election will take place on Nov. 2. You must be registered to vote within the City of Atlanta by Oct. 4. Early voting has already began – You can find voting locations, hours and sample ballots on the georgia’s My Voter Page at

To kick off the highly anticipated mayoral race, Author Keandre Curry says it’s clear who has the inclusive vision for Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Mayoral Election 2021

The heart of Georgia – Atlanta – is on life support. The city desperately needs strong leadership and rapid solutions to the issues of crime, homelessness, equality and financial responsibility. A leader that will support Police, but hold APD accountable for misconduct. A leader that will be inclusive and diverse in their policing. A leader that will improve Atlanta’s financial spending. The issues facing Atlanta will take more than a bully, but collaboration on solutions. Given this , I endorse Atlanta City Council President, Felicia A. Moore, to be Atlanta’s 61st mayor.

From Moore’s track record of standing up for injustice, inequality, and financial reform for marginalized people, I believe we can trust in her to protect the interest of Atlanta and help us propel.”

Keandre Curry 10/13/21

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